Cocktail Stirrers (100 pcs)

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Cocktail Stirrers (100  uds)
Make your cocktails go with a glow with these fun cocktail stirrers caps come in the shape of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds and they fit onto a glow bracelet .They make your drinks really stand out and are great fun. The shapes can be re-used with more glow bracelets in the future
They make your drinks glow, giving them a fluorescent touch.
Forget the typical that are not fluorescent. Ours are fluorescent and also make your drinks fun.
It is very simple; we include the glow sticks and the caps to make your luminous stir sticks. The glow sticks are included they are same ones that you make your luminous bracelets with.
All our luminous stir stick includes glow sticks and caps to make a stir sticks and also connectors to make luminous bracelets. When you finish your drink you can make a luminous bracelet and continue enjoying your party..
Actual duration; Up to 10 hours at maximum brightness
At the time you want to start using your stir sticks, simply fold the glow stick in half until you hear a click. Then take one end and shake several times.
The luminous bar will glow intensely. Add the cap that you like and enjoy and stir you drink
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