LED Funny eyes various colours (5 uds)

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LED Funny Eyes
LED funny eyes – in various colours – these flashing eyes come with their own headband and they are very amusing at all types of parties and events.  They can be switched on or off and come with their own batteries ready to use.  They are also reusable.
These bright, shiny alien eyes will be the perfect accessory for children and adults at parties such as Halloween or a Carnival.
The  eye-catching design in a LED headband is good fun.
The headband has two flashing eyes that resemble funny eyes or aliens.
It is valid for all types events, being a flexible material with ergonomic design.
In the part of one of the eyes you will find the usual ON / OFF button with which you can turn on and off the Alien LED Luminous Headband. With this, you will have absolute control over the autonomy of the luminous accessory. You can switch them on when you go into a dark place and switch them off  when you go outside in a more lighted area.
Like our other fun products such as the Luminous minnie mouse bow or flourescent neón luminous bunny ears this product has a unique mode of brightness, rapid flashing.
No matter what your favorite color is, the Alien Eyes Luminous Headbands are available in various colours and come in a mix of colours.  The LED technology is inside the eyes, so it will be the only area that will light up. You will have many hours of brightness to enjoy with the LED Luminous Headband.
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