Pink polka dot minnie mouse LED Bows (5 uds)

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Pink polka dot minnie mouse LED bows.
Thse beautiful pink bows contain flashing LED lights.  The lights are inside them and they come mounted on their own headband. They can easily be switched on and off and come ready fitted with batteries.  They are totally reusable.

Our LED Pink bow headbands are very popular
You can use the minnie mouse bow headbands at any kind of party, concerts, festivals and night time excursions. However they are most popular on hen nights and at weddings
Nobody can resist the LED Luminous flashing headbands which are great fun.  The pink bow headbands are perfect for a girls night out.
The LED “Minnie Mouse style” headbands have a black plastic structure and a large pink LED bow with a white flashing polka dot design. When switched on via the switch on the head band the bow will flash .The pink bow “Minnie Mouse” led headbands come with batteries included, but if they are exhausted, they can be replaced easily. To start using, you just have to remove the white strip next to the on / off button

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