25€ Party Pack (various products)

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Our special party packages are ideal for carnival, clubs, children's parties, New Year's Eve and birthdays. This fiesta pack contains 220 different fluorescent and LED products. They are fun and attractive for any night event. With this format you save money while you get a variety of products.

This pack contains

200 glow bracelets (mixed colours),

5 glowing bunny ears, 5 glow glasses mixed colours

10 15cm glow sticks in mixed colours.

Our neaon flourcente products are very good value  and you can save money in  buying a variety of glow products in one easy PARTY pack. 
We also have a special pack for traffic light parties with a difference
Fiestas luminosas PARTY packs, glow products are good fun for your,concerts, festivals and night time events events.
Each luminosas,flouresant party pack contains luminosas  products to suit your event or party with number of luminosas, fluorescente products at a guaranteed low Price.  It can include all of our products depending on which  pack you  select :- Pulseras fluorescents, ,Removedores Luminosos,, Anillos Luminosos,Diademas con Luz, Pulseras luminosas flour, fluorescente products, pulseras luminosas fluor.Barritsas luminosas,Orejas Luminosas,Palos luminosos,Led espuma,Pajitas luminosas,Fiestas luminosas packs,Removedores luminosos,Anillos luminosos,Barritas luminosas,Orejas luminosas,
 You can also choose which phosphorescent, flouresant glow party pack you require
Just call us email us @ www.fiestasluminosas.com or call us on 680 678 227
Fiestas luminosas luminosas party pack are the best for a luminosas event or you party
www.fiesrtasluminosas.com provide a number of luminosas, fluorescente products at a guaranteed  low price
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