Information about our productos

Information about the products

The liquids inside our luminous products is not toxic or dangerous. If it comes into contact with the contents of a luminous product, it should be immediately washed with water.

You have to consider that with normal use you will not be in contact with the liquid.

How do I activate the products?

To activate your fluorescent stick (of any type) you simply have to bend the tips carefully and shake. The liquids inside the stick are mixed and will shine for more than 8 hours with powerful light.

What uses do the products have?

They are water resistant, do not need batteries, do not make heat or smell and are low price, so they are ideal for many uses. Industrial, military and personal. They are ideal for fishing, diving, camping, golf and of course parties, bars and discos.

Can I reuse a luminous product?

Actually they are for 1 use only, however it is possible to reduce the chemical reaction if you put the product inside the freezer. It will not cancel the permanent reaction but it will slow down, then you can reuse your luminous product another night with a less powerful light.

Can I turn off a luminous product?

Not really. When you have activated it, you can not turn it off.

How to store the products?

You can store the products in a cool, dark place for about 2 years.

How long do the products shine?

Our standard products shine between 8 and 12 hours

More questions?

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